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Kamyshinskij steklotarnyj zavod , AO

About enterprise Kamyshinskij steklotarnyj zavod , AO

Kamyshinsky glass plant offers entrepreneurs who are engaged in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, own factories and plants for the production of butter, canned food, dairy and other products, pay attention to the products offered on the web page at an affordable price for everyone. 

As a reliable supplier of glass containers, our plant operates on the basis of such principles as environmental friendliness, high quality products, speed of manufacture, efficiency, as well as an individual approach to each customer.

Our clients already are huge plants and combines with a big turnover of the made goods, the small private companies working for import and we will be glad if you join their number. On this website you can get acquainted in detail with the range of our plant which regularly is replenished and constantly changes, learn how many costs of a glass container, and also, place the order for its acquisition.

Among the products that you will be able to buy:

* glass jars for various food products (preservation, sauces, jam, mayonnaise, baby food);

* bottles for different alcoholic beverages (vodka, beer, champagne);

• lids for the containers under the capping (screw).

Our Kamyshinsky glass-container plant-the first enterprise for production of a glass container which certified special quality management system in 2000. Thus, we ensure stable competitiveness and hold leading positions in the market. The glass container which can be bought at the low price meets the international standards established for this production.

The form of purchase-glass containers wholesale. You can buy it by choosing from the ready-made range, and order the manufacture of individual development. The cost of the goods offered by the company is much less than the market price.

There are excellent conditions for cooperation and partnership, which we recommend to coordinate over the phone with our representatives. For more information or any data about the products we recommend to contact our managers by phone or e-mail.


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